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Global Leader in Industrial Power Supplies

PSTEK entered the business of designing and manufacturing industrial power supplies in 1998. In the 20 years since, PSTEK has provided services ranging from consulting on induction heating systems and industrial power supplies to total solutions encompassing design, manufacturing, installation and post management. In this way, PSTEK provides industrial sites with the power supply solutions customers need. 

Our core competencies and priority goals are research & development and customer satisfaction. Since its founding, PSTEK has constantly built its research & development capacity to provide optimum high efficiency power supplies that can meet the needs of customers in industrial site environments. Research & development personnel represent more than 35 percent of all company employees.

A Leading Company in Induction Heating Systems

Thanks to our investments in research & development, PSTEK is now manufacturing and providing hundreds to thousands of kW induction heating systems, and holds an unparalleled position in the field of induction heating in Korea.

Before 2007, the production of GA heaters, which involves making an alloy of coated zinc and steel sheets at the continuous galvanizing line (CGL), designed to produce galvanized steel sheets for cars, was monopolized by induction heating companies in the advanced countries. In 2007, PSTEK became the first Korean company to successfully produce GA heaters with its own independently developed technology. In the heat treatment field, PSTEK developed supersized heat treatment facilities to make parts such as supersized gears, ball races, large rolling rolls and screw axes for ships, and these facilities are currently in use at leading Korean companies.

Global Leader in Industrial Power Supplies

As a leading company in industrial power supplies, PSTEK has designed and manufactured high power and high-precision power supplies for various state-of-the-art industrial facilities. The core technology of PSTEK’s industrial power supplies provides gigawatts of energy through microsecond to millisecond pulses of various cycles and amplitudes.

Based on this technology, PSTEK has developed electrostatic chuck power supplies, plasma power supplies, photonic curing systems, and power supplies for electric precipitators, improving and innovating on the functions of the semiconductors, displays and state-of-the-art facilities needed in the environmental industry.

Customized Special Power Supplies Designed to Meet Customers’ Needs

At PSTEK, we provide customized special power supplies based on our outstanding power supply technology. We have developed stable high-capacity and high-efficiency power supplies based on customers’ needs, satisfying their expectations in terms of product quality and convenience. Our major customized special power supplies include DC/DC converters installed in military defense equipment and power supplies for implant removal devices; smilekey.

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