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power system technology since 1998
PSTEK, a Leading Supplier of Industrial Power Supplies

Since 1998, PSTEK has been providing optimum power supplies based on its unique design technology


Induction Heating System

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PSTEK Dual frequency contour hardening

Dual-frequency induction hardening is a technology that is used to heat treat precise gear materials that require contour hardening in order to make them high-grade materials.

전기집진기용 전원장치

Industrial Power Supplies

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피에스텍 DC 집진기용 전원장치 120kW_압축

Power supplies for electrostatic precipitator can also minimize damage to power supplies and collecting plates by rapidly blocking arc within 5㎲.

정전척 전원장치(ESC Controller)

Industrial Power Supplies

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피에스텍 정전척 전원장치 3kW_압축

PSTEK’s electrostatic chuck power systems can improve the productivity of processing by achieving an effective dechucking, using the function of load electric discharge based on internal ground.

광소결 시스템

Industrial Power Supplies

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피에스텍 광소결 시스템 신형_압축

PSTEK’s Photonic curing system uses a constant power regulation method that regulates both output voltage and current, and thus can always deliver uniform energy during lamp irradiation, which makes it suitable for the mass production of quality products.

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Thanks to our investments in research & development, PSTEK is now manufacturing and providing hundreds to thousands of kW induction heating systems, and holds an unparalleled position in the field of induction heating in Korea.

As a leading company in industrial power supplies, PSTEK has designed and manufactured high power and high-precision power supplies for various state-of-the-art industrial facilities.

At PSTEK, we provide customized special power supplies based on our outstanding power supply technology.

PSTEK High Frequency Induction Heat Treating for Shaft

PSTEK Dual Frequency Induction Heat Treating

PSTEK entered the business of designing and manufacturing industrial power supplies in 1998. In the 20 years since, PSTEK has provided services ranging from consulting on induction heating systems and industrial power supplies to total solutions encompassing design, manufacturing, installation and post management. In this way, PSTEK provides industrial sites with the power supply solutions customers need.

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