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Hot & Cold Rolling Process

PSTEK designs and manufactures induction heating systems, which are used in the hot and cold rolling lines of large steel mills, leading the domestic production of related equipment. For decades, our company has identified areas for improvement in foreign equipment, and perfected the processing for our steel mill customers by applying the latest electronics and semiconductor technology.

PSTEK has also led the development of new technology, which has been necessitated due to changes in steel work processing, to satisfy steel mill customers’ needs. When our customers build factories abroad, we join them and carry out joint engineering.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized application through the use of serial/parallel/serial-parallel resonance circuit based on the latest electronics technology
  • Wide range of frequency used to provide customized megawatt-level induction heating devices
  • Inverter configuration system enabling fault-tolerant parallel operation: In the event of the failure of a specific device, other devices automatically compensate for the output to prevent any interruption to continuous production
  • To suggest and share new technology through various heating coil designs in accordance with fast-changing steel production trends
  • To create a collaboration system for technology development that meets the need for on-site VOC
  • Work operation data is analyzed in real time to support the management of IH equipment and the discovery of check points
  • Domestic production of equipment reduces dependence on foreign technology and achieves an import substitution effect.
  • Rate of facility operation has been increased by rapidly providing after-sales and maintenance services.
  • Counseling services and engineering support for streamlining construction of external equipment for which after-sales service has expired
  • Database of work site data established and then analyzed by design engineers to suggest improvements
  • Improvements suggested based on various heating processes and heat preservation/insulation and heat fluid flow
  • Design with priorities such as long life and durability (water cooling piping, electrical corrosion, etc.)
  • Engineering to reinforce the continuity of work based on our years of expertise in induction heating design
  • Quick Change inverter stack: Modulation design for the power part applied for emergency response based on after-sales service

Range of Products & Services provided

You can choose solutions you need according to your situation.

  • Induction heating system
  • Heating coil & Coil moving table
  • DI water cooling system
  • High power matching box
  • Machines & Control systems
  • Consulting services by experts on productivity and quality improvement
  • Customized design of heating coil and magnetic focusing core
  • Device installation and on-site test run
  • After-sale services and regular inspection services
  • Education services: technology, engineering, on-site education, quality management index, etc


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