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Dual-freqeuncy Induction Hardening Systems

Dual-frequency induction hardening is a technology that is used to heat treat precise gear materials that require contour hardening in order to make them high-grade materials. PSTEK’s dual-frequency induction hardening instantly outputs intermediate frequency and high frequency using one inverter, realizing contour hardening.

The use of dual frequency for contour hardening enables a stronger impact resistance, fatigue strength and wear resistance than a general induction hardening. As well, only the required parts are heated for a short period of time, which offers significant benefits. The minimization of material deformation can considerably reduce energy costs and post-processing process costs, while improving productivity. This is a next-generation technology that is optimized for the automobile and special part industries, which require a high level of product quality.

Features & Benefits

  • PSTEK's Dual-freqeuncy Induction Hardening Systems
  • PSTEK’s patented technology that outputs dual frequency in the structure consisting of “one power supply and one coil”
    ※ Patent pending: Induction heating apparatus using dual-frequency resonant inverter (April 2015)
  • Simple structure of power circuits and devices minimizes the installation area and makes installation easier
  • Maximized improvement of hardening quality
  • The surface with its hardened contour strengthens wear resistance, and the internal soft layer improves impact resistance and fatigue strength, which substantially increases the durability of parts
  • Minimized material deformation due to ultra-high speed heating
  • Our independently developed 32bit DSP regulation system reduces the heating rise time to 10 ms
  • Material deformation is minimized compared to cementation, nitration and general high-frequency heat treatment (improved roundness).
  • Effect of post-processing improvement
  • Deformation is considerably reduced by heating and cooling only the parts that need hardened layers at an ultra-high speed
  • Minimized deformation allows post-processing to be omitted or reduced, thus reducing processing costs and dramatically improving productivity
  • Hardening and tempering processes can be replaced by a single process, depending on the materials
  • Energy saving effect
  • Slow-speed DC charging system / A high-frequency and high-speed discharge heat treatment system is applied to reduce power-receiving contract power to one fifth of the maximum power
  • Ex) Up to 1 MW dual frequency devices can be operated using 200 kW power-receiving facilities, and energy costs can be reduced by lowering the maximum power-receiving capacity

Products & Services

You can choose solutions you need according to your situation.

  • Products
  • Dual-frequency induction heating system
  • CT(Current Transformer) for dual-frequency
  • Quenching cooling system
  • Machines & Control systems
  • Services
  • Consulting services by experts on heat treating quality improvement
  • Customized design of heating coil and magnetic focusing core
  • Device installation and on-site test run
  • After-sale services and regular inspection services
  • Education services: technology, engineering, on-site education, quality management index, etc


We suggest and provide optimum supplies and device configurations based on customer demands and conditions.

  • Gears for automobile
  • Sun gears
  • Pinion shafts
  • Sprockets

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