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Induction Hardening Systems

PSTEK’s induction heating system for heat treating regulates frequencies and power output in optimum states through a regulation system it has independently developed, ensuring top-quality heat treating. The system uses the newest IGBT and MOSFET to enable 4,500 kW and at least 800 kHz (MHz) power supplies.

At PSTEK, we use our competence in electromagnetic field computer analysis and decades of various heat treating applications to suggest and provide optimum supplies and device configurations based on customer demands and conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • The newest IGBT and MOSFET are used to cover a wide range of output specifications
  • Specification of a single inverter: 10 kW ~ 4,500 kW / 50-60 Hz ~ 800 kHz or mor
  • Electromagnetic field computer analysis, optimal frequency selection and customized design of heating coil according to material characteristics and heating process conditions
  • We provide the optimum system based on customers’ needs and conditions based on decades of heat treatment experience and engineering competence
  • Our independently developed full digital regulation system allows the unrestricted regulation of heating speed and time, enabling fast, accurate and highly reproducible heating performance
  • The outstanding function of maintaining a constant output power allows the precise regulation of effective heating amount
  • The function of saving and managing various heating speeds and conditions makes it suitable for various batch production jobs
  • Efficiency has been maximized by considerably reducing the heating degree of power devices based on the latest ZVS technology
  • Copperplate multilayer transformer applied: The efficiency has been enhanced by considerably improving proximity effect and skin effect compared to other methods
     ※ Patent pending(10-2005-0041829, 10-2005-48935)
  • IGBT, the newest semiconductor device, is used to lower the heating degree and considerably increase the switching width
  • The manufacturing period has been shortened by increasing the design precision of coils and equipment through electromagnetic field computer simulation
  • The on-site test run period has been reduced by raising the accuracy rate of the heating range through a prediction of heating patterns
  • The external interface environment that is optimized for workers enables unskilled workers to use it easily and conveniently
  • The heat input of heated materials can be monitored in real time, and a database of average heating amount can be established

Products & Services

You can choose solutions you need according to your situation.

  • Induction heating system
  • Heating coil & Cooling jacket
  • CT(Current Transformer)
  • DI water cooling system
  • Machines & Control systems
  • Consulting services by experts on heat treating quality improvement
  • Customized design of heating coil and magnetic focusing core
  • Device installation and on-site test run
  • After-sale services and regular inspection services
  • Education services: technology, engineering, on-site education, quality management index, etc


We suggest and provide optimum supplies and device configurations based on customer demands and conditions.

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