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Melting systems

PSTEK’s induction heating system for melting has raised the melting temperature by inputting power, regardless of the load capacity of the furnace, through high-efficiency design and wide load matching. Ordinary-time maximum electric power is approved based on the change in the load state for larger meltage and a higher speed. The system uses the newest high-efficiency IGBT inverter to enable a 4,500 kW power supply.

Significantly, the existing Furnace is maintained while only power supplies are replaced, to provide an optimized power supplies for customers who need improved meltage and speed.

Features & Benefits

  • Serial/serial-parallel resonant power supply that uses high-efficiency IGBT inverter stack
  • Specification of a single inverter: 10kW ~ 4,500kW / 50-60 Hz ~ 30 kHz
  • The design of induction heating circuits is applied, which delivers the maximum melting speed based on the diverse characteristics of Furnace
  • Furnace’s lower and upper shielding rings and magnetic focusing shunt cores are designed based on electromagnetic field computer analysis
  • Prevents leakage of magnetic fields and local heating in the surrounding area
  • The melting speed is raised by inputting power without being strictly restricted by the amount put into Furnace, through high-efficiency design and wide load matching
  • A digital oscillation control algorithm is applied to approve ordinary-time maximum electric power based on the load change, such as change in initial input form and the period when molten metal is formed
  • Protection of IGBT short circuit, Furnace’s winding short circuit and cooling pipe from galvanic corrosion
  • Various protection functions against cooling water flow & overheated water outlet nozzle and resonant condenser pressure & overheated IGBT heat sink
  • Protection against wrong oscillation frequency, overvoltage, overcurrent, low input voltage, etc.
  • The structure of power circuits is designed to be simple to reduce the probability of failure and increase convenience of maintenance and accessibility
  • The sintering power automation mode is applied to support the beautiful surface hardening of shaft tunnel materials
  • Power regulation based on the sintering heating table for shaft tunnel materials allows for savings in the areas of on-site monitoring personnel and time
  • Record of performance in various special melting applications, such as rare metal vacuum melting, levitation melting of high-purity metal and ultra-high temperature melting of precious metals
  • Can provide ultra-low frequency melting devices in the power frequency range, which absolutely need stirring

Range of Products & Services provided

You can choose solutions you need according to your situation.

  • Induction heating system
  • Furnace
  • Hydraulic hard devices
  • Cooling system
  • Control systems
  • Consulting services by experts on productivity improvement
  • Customized design
  • Device installation and on-site test run
  • After-sale services and regular inspection services
  • Education services: technology, engineering, on-site education, quality management index, etc


We suggest and provide optimum supplies and device configurations based on customer demands and conditions.




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