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QT Equipment for API Pipe & Round Bar

PSTEK is the first Korean company to successfully produce API pipe QT heat treatment facilities, an area previously monopolized by foreign companies, based on our own unique design technology. Our company’s QT heat treatment facilities have stably produced top-quality pipes according to API standards since they were established, proving their excellence and stability.

Our company suggests and provides the optimum power supply, heating coil and apparatus configuration based on customer needs in terms of pipe specifications, production speed and installation space, a feat we can accomplish thanks to our history in various pipe and tube heat treating applications, large-capacity power supply, and on-site engineering.

Features & Benefits

  • Domestic production of all QT line facilities, which had previously been completely produced abroad
  • Comprehensive design and manufacturing of power supply, heating coil, cooling jacket, mechanical equipment, and regulation system
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and rapid after-sales services
  • The facilities were installed in large API pipe production lines and have been run stably, to produce top-quality pipes according to API standards
  • The output and temperature are automatically regulated in real time according to target temperature and movement speed by distinguishing the heating zone
  • The uniform and precise heating and cooling improves linearity, reducing the need for a correction process after heat treatment
  • Differentiated design of the cooling jacket improves quality of heat treatment
  • Individual transfer motors are used to adjust movement speed in different sections
  • Configuration consisting of two lines, allowing for independent, connected and parallel work
  • Hardening / Tempering Line (Q/T Line)
  • Configuration consisting of two-phase coil and coil setting table, which allows for the heating of two kinds of materials
  • When changing materials, the height of the coil is automatically adjusted using the coil setting table without changing coils to minimize the work preparation time
  • Less than one hour per worker for coil change is required when changing materials
  • Cooling quality has been improved through the cooling nozzle, which can be adjusted between rapid/slow cooling speed, and the arrangement design
  • Fluid flow structure that brings materials into contact with uniform cooling water when they go through the center line
  • A hybrid type is applied as a cooling jacket for cooling small-caliber wire
  • A management program for each material and size enables small quantity batch production
  • Heating and cooling water monitored in each section/ Individual regulation of transfer roller speed
  • The work operation data logging system enables a big data-based response

Range of Products & Services provided

You can choose solutions you need according to your situation.

  • Induction heating system
  • Heating coil
  • Quenching cooling system
  • DI water cooling system
  • Machines & Control systems
  • Consulting services by experts on quality improvement
  • Customized design of heating coil and magnetic focusing core
  • Device installation and on-site test run
  • After-sale services and regular inspection services
  • Education services: technology, engineering, on-site education, quality management index, etc

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