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Dual output(4 Channel)
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Dual output(4 Channel)
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ESC Power Supplies for Semiconductor Process

PSTEK’s electrostatic chuck power system for semiconductor processing can improve the productivity of processing by achieving an effective dechucking, using the special function such as Auto toggle, capacitance monitoring etc., Various protection functions such as built-in RF filter and digital arc regulation not only can effectively protect devices and wafers but also can minimize the defect rate.

This product stability and productivity has been proven through extensive field testing at large Korean companies.

Features & Benefits

  • The product stability has been proven through extensive field testing at large enterprises

  • The built-in filter to block high frequencies protects devices from high frequencies
  • The compact size improves the efficiency of installation space
  • Arc blocking within about 4㎲ after the occurrence of an arc
  • Pause time from power down to reoperation can be set
  • OCP operates when the output current is 5 mA or more
  • The processing time is minimized, with the output rise speed at 0.3s
  • The special functions such as capacitance monitoring, auto toggle, bias voltage monitoring etc., 
  • The voltage fluctuation range is within ±2 % of output voltage
  • The power supply displays load electrostatic capacity for checking the processing state(Capacitance monitoring)
  • Our independently developed PC program enables remote control for user convenience
  • Can be linked with PLC (RS-232, 485, TCP/IP(MODBUS protocol)
  • Lower prices compared to other companies, enabling a reduction in investment costs



Contents PSES-50250PBN
+ 2500V ~ - 2500V
Max. Current
Max. Power
Power Range
Avg. in ±5%
Voltage Range
Avg. in ±0.5%
DC 24V
Voltage Range
DC 23.52~24.48V(±2%)
Max. Current
Power Factor
> 90%
Constant voltage and current control
Dimension(W x D x H)
241 x 340 x 88 mm

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