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Power Supplies For Active MPS

PSTEK’s power supply for Active Micro Pulse System (MPS) electrically charges the high resistance dust generated at a power plant or a steel mill, and improves stability by preventing operation from stopping through a hybrid method. It can also minimize damage to power supplies and collecting plates by rapidly blocking arc within 5㎲.

* high resistance dust: dust with resistance of 1011 Ω ・ cm or more

Features & Benefits

  • Operation stop prevented by applying a hybrid method (DC + Impulse), which can operate through the DC mode alone when impulse mode fails
  • Two impulses allow normal output, even in the event of the failure of a module
  • Allows the function of checking operation for each module
  • Maximal impulse state is realized, to maximize the efficiency of dust collection
  • Impulse realization technology: The pulse width can be set to 50-130 ㎲
  • High-speed digital arc regulation and control function
  • Arc-blocking speed: Within 5㎲
  • All thermal parts are self-cooled to prevent product damage resulting from overheating
  • Reliability has been improved by removing fans with a high rate of failure
  • Specification: Max 140kV, DC 1A~1.2A
  • Form: Top or side bushing type
  • High power factor and high efficiency design
  • The full digital regulation allows the simultaneous and real-time regulation and monitoring of up to 32 devices
  • Lower prices compared to other companies, enabling a reduction in investment costs


Contents PSEP-6040KDD​
Pulse Power
Pulse Current
Pulse Range
50 ~ 130㎲
Pulse Frequency
20 ~ 120pps
DC Voltage
100kV(DC 30 + Pulse 70)
DC Current(DC)
Max 1000mA
DC Current(DC+Pulse)
Max 400mA
3상 380V, 440V
50 ~ 60Hz
Power Factor
> 0.90


Main Factors

Arc blocking speed
Digital Communication
RS485, RS232C


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